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 I had a really good time at Norwescon this year.  

Favorite Panels:  
Headress Armature - All about making things that go on your head.  We got to look at a lot of hats and headresses including some Seattle Opera costume pieces.  All of the panelists were knowledgeable and there were useful handouts.
Miniatures Painting - We actually sat down and painted Doctor Lucky minis.  I learned how to dry brush correctly (I only kind of knew what I was doing before) and learned about Pledge Future.
Future of Medicine - A good topic and good mix of panelists.  
Art Show Tour with Alan M. Clark - It was kind of like walking though the art show with that friend of yours who's really nice and knows a lot about art.  

Favorite Party for . . . 
. . .  Dancing was  Shockwave.  They always have good music and there's generally room to dance.
. . . Ambiance was The Merchants of Deva. Everywhere you could see was decorated as Space Station bar right down to the illuminated beverages they were serving and the DJ (who played a good variety of dance-worthy music for the age mixture).  This was the only crowded party where I wanted to stay and have fun.
. .  .  Drinking was The Gnome/Cult of Scott Bakula.  Those chocolate granita drinks are yummy.  Unfortunately the DJ drove everyone outside instead of making them want to enjoy the garden inside.  
This year I spent a significant amount of my program time in the readings room.  I particularly liked Confessions of a Vampire Knight in the Zombie Wars by Dani Kollin.  Kat Richardson's new Greywalker book set on the Olympic Peninsula was really interesting because I've spent so much time there.  A lot of the time, I wasn't actually in the reading room because I knew anything about the author.  It was some of the most unexpected fun I had.  I also got a lot of knitting done.


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Apr. 26th, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
Yay for getting knitting done.

I spent the last two weeks in LA.
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