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The Best Picture Award

After I had watched The Social Network, I made the comment that I thought it shouldn't be Best Picture because Facebook isn't likely to mean what it does now to future movie viewers.  This made me ponder what the award is really about.  

I like to think of the academy award for best picture as our (the people's of last year) time capsule to future cinema fans.  Some day in the far future some young adult will take it upon theirself to watch as many of the Best Pictures as they can.  What should this year's time capsule say to them?  I'm evenly divided on the lines of A) an excellent movie with timeless themes that will impress them in spite of its antique technology or B) an excellent movie that reflects modern day issues and ideals.

With The King's Speech we have clearly gone with A this year.
I think I would have enjoyed sending choice B, The Social Network, a bit more.