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Trombone again!

 Last week Neil Gaiman posted about making music with his friends.  I said to myself "that sounds so cool; I should make music with my friends" and then karlosthejackal  sent me a message about playing trombone on a song of his.  Kismet!

In the interest of not sucking, I practiced yesterday and also today.  I didn't really keep track of the time on each day, but it was probably 20 minutes.  I started with Long Tones from the Remington Warm-ups, then some lip slurs and pattern scales.  I then played an Etude from "Introductory Melodious Etudes" (#1 yesterday, #7 today).  
I shall have to ask what key(s) we will be in.
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 I had a really good time at Norwescon this year.  

Favorite Panels:  
Headress Armature - All about making things that go on your head.  We got to look at a lot of hats and headresses including some Seattle Opera costume pieces.  All of the panelists were knowledgeable and there were useful handouts.
Miniatures Painting - We actually sat down and painted Doctor Lucky minis.  I learned how to dry brush correctly (I only kind of knew what I was doing before) and learned about Pledge Future.
Future of Medicine - A good topic and good mix of panelists.  
Art Show Tour with Alan M. Clark - It was kind of like walking though the art show with that friend of yours who's really nice and knows a lot about art.  

Favorite Party for . . . 
. . .  Dancing was  Shockwave.  They always have good music and there's generally room to dance.
. . . Ambiance was The Merchants of Deva. Everywhere you could see was decorated as Space Station bar right down to the illuminated beverages they were serving and the DJ (who played a good variety of dance-worthy music for the age mixture).  This was the only crowded party where I wanted to stay and have fun.
. .  .  Drinking was The Gnome/Cult of Scott Bakula.  Those chocolate granita drinks are yummy.  Unfortunately the DJ drove everyone outside instead of making them want to enjoy the garden inside.  
This year I spent a significant amount of my program time in the readings room.  I particularly liked Confessions of a Vampire Knight in the Zombie Wars by Dani Kollin.  Kat Richardson's new Greywalker book set on the Olympic Peninsula was really interesting because I've spent so much time there.  A lot of the time, I wasn't actually in the reading room because I knew anything about the author.  It was some of the most unexpected fun I had.  I also got a lot of knitting done.
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The Best Picture Award

After I had watched The Social Network, I made the comment that I thought it shouldn't be Best Picture because Facebook isn't likely to mean what it does now to future movie viewers.  This made me ponder what the award is really about.  

I like to think of the academy award for best picture as our (the people's of last year) time capsule to future cinema fans.  Some day in the far future some young adult will take it upon theirself to watch as many of the Best Pictures as they can.  What should this year's time capsule say to them?  I'm evenly divided on the lines of A) an excellent movie with timeless themes that will impress them in spite of its antique technology or B) an excellent movie that reflects modern day issues and ideals.

With The King's Speech we have clearly gone with A this year.
I think I would have enjoyed sending choice B, The Social Network, a bit more.
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Sportin' the Look

 Today I had a bit of an unusual encounter.

It was such a nice day that I walked all the way to Wendy's for lunch (it was too nice to only walk across the street).  I happen to find Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich yummy and it goes well with Barq's rootbeer which they also serve.

While I'm eating my lunch a little old man comes up to me and asks me if I represent Christianity.  I told him that I don't really feel like I represent anything.  He told me that I looked like I would be at home in a "spirit-filled church" because I have long hair and was wearing a skirt.  He suggested that since I look the part I should "work on the rest."  
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I'm so competitive.

 I've been wanting to do more bicycle commuting.  I even got a good start on it last quarter.  But to do it regularly?  I guess I need a team and a contest.

I'm on one of WCCs Everybody Bike teams.  We get a point for every day this month that I make a purposeful trip by human power.  I plan on commuting to work every day by bike.  This was my plan without the competition, but somehow it's easier when its a game.
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Cube Solving

One thing I've been working on this winter break is my Rubik's cube solving time. Today I broke 2 minutes (1:53) and I'm now rarely longer than 3 minutes to solve. I still see areas to improve, but someday soon I'll need some new moves to improve.
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To the Peninsula in Record Time!

It took us a over 8 hours to travel from Bellingham to Port Angeles this time. The Keystone ferry was canceled due to high winds. The Edmonds ferry was backed up. Once we did get across on the Edmonds ferry, the Hood Canal Bridge had opened for a boat to pass through.

Once I got to my parents' house it was a lovely Thanksgiving. We had delicious food and too much of it. My sister's children were well behaved. The dressing was vegetarian so Chris had plenty of options.

The return trip took only 4 hours and that includes getting gas on the way back.
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New House = No Internet

 Chris and I got moved in just fine on Sunday.  The Seattle end of the move was tough because we only had 3 additional people (thanks so much Carol, Ulysses and Mike) to help move all of Chris' stuff (many books and enormously heavy furniture) into a moving van that was parked across the street.  I drove the van up to Bellingham with no particular trouble where the move got much  much easier.  For one, in Bellingham we were able to drive right up to our new house.  Another extra easy part of the Bellingham move was the fact that many people showed up (thank you Mike, Echo, Greg, Amy, James, Jim, Ivy, Emily, and Karl).  We even got most of my stuff moved from Mike's Manor.

A couple of amusing little quirks about our house are there are no grounded outlets in any of the bedrooms and Chris and I both think the master bedroom door opens the wrong direction.  Other, more adorable, little quirks are the neighborhood cat that sits just outside one of our windows and the many squirrels.

A lot of my work got pushed to the wayside last week as I was preparing to move.  All of this work is rushing back right now.  Whew!  I'm looking forward to being caught up and unpacked and able to relax.  The time is just not now.  

Back to work!

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A Google Chrome Review

 When I got my new laptop I was on my way to download FireFox when Chris suggested I try out Chrome.  "Sure.  Why not?" I said.  I'm so glad I did.  I really enjoy the simplicity of interface and lack of screen clutter (on my smaller laptop screen Explorer's nasty big window header was very irritating).  Also nice is the ability to Applicationize websites you visit (making even less clutter while doing things like checking email.)  I have not found any websites that have issues with Chrome and it has all the settings that I used to use in Firefox.  So far I'm a happy, Chromeville camper.
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